Clean Up. (Sunday Evening)

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Clean Up. (Sunday Evening) Empty Clean Up. (Sunday Evening)

Post by Murphy on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:05 am

The sounds of the city die down as the sun sets, I peel my dog tags off of my cheek as I roll up my dew-soaked sleeping bag.  Quietly, I leave my pack to rest as I set out to take care of my car.  
I grab a few bricks and throw them in the back of my packmates' car.  As I drive through my new turf, I take a mental inventory of businesses.  I spot a small tire repair place and make a note to send Alexi's ghoul there.  
"Keep the cash at home, I guess."

I drive up to my car, and proceed to take off the tires, leaving the car on bricks for the night.  I throw the tires in the back of the working car and head back home.  Hopefully, one of Alexi's ghouls will run these to the tire repair place and get them patched for cheap.

I climb my way back down the hillside towards our make-shift haven.  Thankfully, Pittsburgh is full of abandoned railway tunnels, and we happened to find one not connected to anything of use to the Nosferatu.

Halfway down the hill I hear a twig snap.  Then a thud, and a whimper.  I smirk, Bandit must have found a dumpster nearby.  He always gorges himself.  I pull a can of wet cat food from my pocket and coax him over to me.  

Bandit hears the crisp sound of the can opening and runs straight for me.  
I slice my finger with the lid and drip some Vitae into his food.  He looks up at me with wide eyes, and shakes his hands in a begging posture.  I smile, reach down and pet him as I slide the food in front of him.  He always has room for food when I offer it.

The raccoon finishes eating, and wanders off, carrying the shiny lid with him.  

I follow him up the hill to find where he has set himself up a small den under a rock outcrop.  Small objects adorn the leaves piled up in the den.  A clean ring stands out amid the junk Bandit has collected.  I pluck it out of the pile as he gets comfortable and slide it into my pocket.  

"Good job, little buddy."  

Bandit looks up one last time at me, then curls up to rest as he digests his special meal.

As I walk back to the tunnel, I run the ring between my finger and thumb.  "This has seen some kind of emotion.  Perhaps it can help me with my training."  

I return to find a pile of small trinkets waiting for me.  In the nights past, Alexi has prepared these trinkets to test me.  Each one was worn, or used, when she punished or rewarded her ghouls, or expirements.  I truly have no idea what she did with them.  Tonight, I intend to find out.

I throw the items into my pack and head off to somewhere quiet. 

I come across a nice opening along the creek and sit down.  I set my crossbow to my side, and pull out the items.  Each one shimmers with moonlight in contrast to the dark, smooth rocks.  I breathe deeply, centering myself and heightening my spiritual senses.  I spend the rest of the night concentrating on each object in turn.  

Just as the birds begin to warn me of the Sun's return, a flash of insight washes over me and I can see it.  Alexi's lithe hand recoiled back. And then, like a viper, she strikes.  The back of her hand smacks across her ghoul's face, leaving the imprint of the ring I now hold as a reminder of some unworthy action.  

Confidently, I head back to our haven and unroll my bag and get ready for a day's rest.

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