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Post by Kael on Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:51 pm

Feburary 27th

Nathan's eyes open at first rays of dusk in his coffin. Not feeling particularly hungry this evening, Nathan lays there pondering the upcoming monomacy and this bit of news from Pope. After an hour or so, Nathan lifts the lid of his coffin off and slides it aside, rising from it with a wicked smile, Nathan walks across the room and removes the objects from the door he places there to keep out unwanted guests.

Sitting at his desk, Nathan sets a black king piece on the surface along side a white knight. His head tilts as shadows dance around his fingers, the figures are animated by shadows to move in circles around each other. The black king steps up to the white knight and pushes him over. As the white knight stands back up, the Black King pushes him again. Once the white knight stumbles, he throws the black king to the ground and mocks him. As the black king rises again, a sword forms in his hand. As they clash with swords made of shadow, Nathan smirk and dispels the animation back to the two pieces. Nathan ties them both to the chain of the lamp on his desk "Both of you now hang in the balance... Which will rise...? Which will fall...? Who will be right?" Nathan laughs and lets them both fall to the floor and shatter "Or maybe that is how this will end..." Nathan stands up from his desk "Either way... more than one problem will be purged from the sword with this outcome..."

Nathan walks to the front door of his house after hearing a feint knock moments ago. Opening the door, a car turn the corner out of sight and a brown envelope lays on his doorstep. Nathan expecting some petty threat or sect news open the envelope and read it under his breath "From the office of the...." Nathan pauses and reads ahead "Are you fucking kidding me......?" Nathan slams the door behind himself...

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