Monomacy on 03/08/2014

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Monomacy on 03/08/2014

Post by Kael on Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:41 am

Brothers and Sisters,

A challenge of Ritae of Monomacy was issued last Esbat from Bishop Bishop Sebestain to Ductus Frank Kennedy. The terms were to the death and physical disciplines only at the next Esbat. I have decided, after being approached by a few brothers and sisters, that physical disciplines will be as follows: Caine's Resilience (Fortitude), Caine's Swiftness (Celerity), and Caine's Fury (Potence). The use of other disciplines will be considered a violation of the Ritae of Monomacy and will be punished accordingly. Weapons will be provided and the location will be given on the night of the Monomacy.

May Caine guide your hands in this matter,
Bishop Graves


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