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Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:54 am

A shadow walked in darkness among the rioting cattle. Their suffering was a joy to watch. Most were desperate wretches driven by simple hunger and despair. But here and there he could see the dogs driving the cattle into a rage. The man urging them to attack a police barricade. The woman throwing food and finery from the windows of the few homes that possessed any. The boys armed with blades throwing the first rocks at the peacekeepers outside the governor's compound. How he had missed the nights in the nightmare his kind had made of Haiti. He should vacation here with the pack some night.

The darkness bled away from him as he took a seat at the bar strangely untouched by the chaos boiling through the city. "You always did take pleasure in watching your own work Jericho."

"Raphael, you have grown stronger since last I saw you. Did you come seeking more knowledge?"

"I came to watch the great work and share the knowledge gained from the world beyond. I hope perhaps that some inspiration may even pass onto me that I may grow in the mastery of our ways."

"Tell me what you have learned and we will see if there is any such mastery that can be imparted in turn."

"My dear friend, I have already gotten what I came for. I was merely granting you the gift of the knowledge I have to share."
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