The Road to EC, or, How I learned to throw the bomb...

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The Road to EC, or, How I learned to throw the bomb...

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:09 pm

Alrighty Kids...

EC is just around the corner (2 WEEKS!!!) and I want to make sure everyone going has a ride/room already figured out...

Right now, we have the following...

Team Morgantown:
-Kevin is driving and they already have rooms arranged at the hotel...

Team Pittsburgh:
Matt (potentially)
-I, Me, Fish is driving, we are leaving at Ass o'clock in the morning, and both will be in my car, rooms already arranged through the hotel...

If there's anyone I'm missing, or anyone still trying to make it to EC this year, please let me know asap and we'll get people saddled up with rides and such... Otherwise, Wish us luck, we may all soon be dead!


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