Strengthening the City: A notice to all Residing Cainites

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Strengthening the City: A notice to all Residing Cainites

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:21 pm

A notice to all Free Sabbat who reside in the City of Pittsburgh:

There are many outstanding orders of business which we need to see to, but this one could not wait...

As I will not be able to attend the Ecumenical Council in Brazil these upcoming evenings, I have decided to name Frank Kennedy as my agent in these matters to act in the Position of Templar to myself.  He will maintain this position going forward and act specifically (though not exclusively) for the spiritual well being of our city and its visitors...

For this reason, the Sabbat shall see him *Ominous* in his role as Templar, and I'd like to specifically name him *Deacon* of the City of Pittsburgh, able to be sought out by any Free Sabbat member for guidence on matters of the faith and enlightenment.

Finally, as proof of his devotion to the sword and city by reclaiming the blood of the conspiritor to the traitor to the city, his blood will be known to be *enriched*...

Lastly, it has come to my attention that both Lacy and Nathan Valinor will be accompanying Frank to Brazil, and therefore they will be both known as *diligent* for acting in the city's best interests and being bearers of the knowledge the Ecumenical Council can provide us...

I thank you for your time...

Archbishop Walter Pope

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