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Post by Jordan Kael on Thu May 08, 2014 1:54 pm

". . . and an open invitation has been extended by the parents of Elisabeth McAllister, the brave young nurse who lost her life in a bizarre murder at a UPMC Blood Drive, to the people of Pittsburgh to come to her funeral service. They say they are so thankful to the people of the city who have sent in many letters and e-mails of support during this time. She will be buried alongside her infant daughter Cherlindrea, who passed away during the time it took to identify Elisabeth's body.

This tragic death coincides with an end of Pittsburgh's unseasonable cold weather. There have been a lot of people saying that the angel who came to take the unfortunate Mother and Daughter McAllisters has lifted this inclement weather to let a ray of sunshine on those she left behind as a beautiful reminder of the laughter they brought to all their friends, coworkers, classmates, and indeed anyone who came into their lives.

It saddens me that, in the course of covering this story, I only got to know the McAllisters through albums and family videos. I wish I had gotten to know this family better while they were alive. A family who just years ago lost their father, a serviceman who was deployed overseas, and has had quite a struggle since then. Life certainly hadn't been easy for the Elisabeth, who had lost her brother, as well, during the construction accident which had levelled most of a city block this past year, but she soldiered on in the face of her loss. She was a bright shining star bringing warmth and mirth to everyone she met, whether it was during her volunteering and the VFW, or her working overtime at the local blood drives or night shifts at the hospital.

She will be dearly missed by everyone she's met. On a personal note, regarding this tragic loss, I certainly hope the killer responsible is found and that they feel a shame beyond shame for their terrible actions that have torn a family and a community apart. They are beyond reprehensible and I certainly hope justice befalls them.

The funeral will be on May 10th at dusk, Elisabeth's favorite time of day, located at . . ."
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