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Post by Jordan Kael on Thu May 22, 2014 10:51 pm

. . . It's getting to be that time of year again. Schools are closing for summer and kids are hungry for something to do, but what is there to do? Well, coming up in June, there are a veritable host of activities.

The Frick Art & Historical Center is hosting, early in the month, the "Car Kids: Shape, Rattle, and Roll" where children can take an interactive tour of antique vehicles. Later in the month, they'll be hosting "Mini Camp: A Peek at the Past." During which, children will spend their morning building time machines and exploring music, art, and history.

The Pittsburgh Zoo, all summer long, will be offering "Zoo Camp," which will teach children about things like animal young-rearing, and the relationship between nature and indigenous people. But earlier in June, they will be hosting the "Dragon Renaissance Festival," during which children will learn about real-life dragons like the Komodo ... while watching "knight events," fire-breathing and medieval-period entertainment.

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Science Centers will both be beginning their respective camps on the eleventh of June. At the Carnigie Museum of Natural History's "Camp Earth," campers get to conduct "weird science" experiments, compete in a mummy-wrapping contest, explore the "Land of Giants," and much more. The Carngie Science Center will, of course, be offering the old favorite, the "Summer Submarine Sleepover," and other old favorites like "Kennywood Science" as well as new programs like "Science Scrubs," which features animal dissection.

Of course, it's not all about learning, summer is a time to get those kids out and active on those beautiful summer days, and in that vein the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh is sponsoring a "Mother/Son Pirate's Game and Cookout." The day in early June features a scavenger hunt and a cookout at the museum, followed by a baseball game against the L.A. Dodgers. Be sure to tell junior about how, when you were his age, the Pirates actually had a winning season.

In Schenely Park at the Veteran's Pavillion, a new program brought about by the McAllister Foundation, a fitness program which brings together families and generations as veterans and youths work together to battle obesity. It's an excellent opportunity for children to learn to respect those who've risked the most for the sake of the country and get healthy in the process.

In addition, an event that's sure to be quite popular this summer is the Play60 bus at Heinz Field, where the kids will be able to meet with their favorite Steeler. NFL PLAY 60 is the NFL Movement for an Active and Healthy Generation, encouraging kids to play for 60 minutes every day in order to tackle childhood obesity. You can find out more at

Lastly, and I know it's a bit early, my personal favorite, the "EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta" will be a three day event culminating on the Fourth of July. It should be an exciting time of boat racing, music, fireworks, and, of course, extreme pogosticking. Hope to see you there, Pittsburgh.

And now with a sad story of a local dog who died . . .
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