A nod to the greatness of Nod

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A nod to the greatness of Nod Empty A nod to the greatness of Nod

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Sat Jul 05, 2014 5:51 pm

Elias paced back and forth, hands playing out the righteous strength of his points, his face alight with passion as he completed his sermon, "And deep within me a seed was planted a seed of rebellion.  And when she turned her face from me, I opened myself up, to the Night, and knew that a path of power, a path of Blood was mine for the taking, and so I awakened in me this Final Path, from which all other paths would grow."
"It is here that the truth of the Sabbat is found in rebellion and Blood.  Caine himself found long ago that these would be the way to power for those who walk with him in the Night.  And he reminds us that the Blood is what all of the Cainite line draws power from, one consanguinity walking the endless night."
A strangled sob came from the woman tied to the chair at the other end of the table.  When he could not quiet her, her husband tried again to reason with their captor, "Man this shit is crazy.  You're talking about angels and dudes from the Old Testament walking around drinking blood ruling the night, like vampire shit.  Just take whatever you want and leave we ain't gonna call the cops or nothing just do your thing and leave us be."
Elias smiled indulgently as though instructing a stubborn child, "Your thoughts are small kine.  You think that, like you, I would seek pillage and rapine.  No, I seek only to give you a bit of knowledge before we go our separate ways, I thought this might help ease your burden a bit.  But I see that you have gone and proven that you are still not worthy of Caine's knowledge.  My Brothers and Sisters I'm sure will enjoy the sermon anyhow."
"Well then I guess we have just one bit of business left, friend.  I will be taking what I want, and you will be learning the truth of my words."  His fangs dropped at the same moment his face melted into it's true form, "Now gimme that Amen!"
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