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Fuck Drinking Spite is where its at!  Empty Fuck Drinking Spite is where its at!

Post by Kris K on Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:00 am

"Yep..still look Human." Nathan slapped himself in the face watching for the tell tale signs of a hurt human being. He had already smacked himself like this about five times in the past 15 minutes waiting for some sort of pain to register. "Don't feel like it though." That was that though his time nightly ritual of self flagellation had come to an end. It had been nearly two months sense he had taken up the mantle of Pack Priest to GMV and he wasn't any closer to this thing called enlightenment than he was before he had the title.

From across the room his phone rang breaking him away from his thoughts, though he still let it go to voice mail if anything just to annoy the person on the other line.

**You have reached the mail box of Nathan Valinor, if what your calling about is actually important leave a message, if it isn't call back later. You know what to do.....Beeeeeeeep**

"Nathan, I'm calling because you have people here wondering when your returning to Pittsburgh I know you enjoy playing with your friends but this place isn't going to run itself." That had been one of Nathan's ghouls, he knew he had been ignoring his duties especially towards talking to mortals in order to secure more power in the city, enlightenment wasn't going to search for itself after all, but he did suppose he had been wasting quite a bit of time reading and having sex with high class escorts...but that was part of the enlightenment thing or at-least that was what he would tell people.

You see the entire time Nathan had been gone wasn't entirely wasted on booze and high class escorts, no no no he had been preparing to explain his new path to people. The working title was "How to tell people to fuck off in three easy steps." (Tm) a Path to Enlightenment" he knew he would need to shorten it eventually but that would come with time, though he had to admit "Path of Spite" had a ring to it, and he had all the time in the world. Especially once he got the telling people to fuck off part going nice and smoothly. So far he had a few tenets to this "Path"

1. Does someone have a problem with you? If yes fuck them, if no perhaps a beer is in order?
2. Do not literally fuck the people who have a problem with you unless your into that kind of thing.
3. Mortals are useful and fuck anyone who tells you other wise. I mean you fucking eat them that in itself is useful.
4. Don't fuck with Kids and fuck up anyone who does.

and that was about it. Needless to say it was a work in progress, but it did bring him some new found meaning in life. It was time to break out that list and start adding more people to it. Perhaps a good ass-kicking was in order for a few people. Who knew? Only time would tell and Nathan had a lot of time.
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