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Post by Kael on Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:16 pm

A massive shadow with ebbing darkness strides through a city street made of shadows and flames of darkness. Behind him, a large sword drags across the ground, the tip scrapping and sparking the sidewalks, screams echo all around as shadowed bodies flee for cover. The streetlights explode in black abyssal flames, a well-dressed yet bloody man carrying a broken scepter trips over a child as he flees from the massive shadow dragging the sword. The well dressed man smashes the child's head in with his broken scepter and tosses the body at the massive shadow. With unholy speed, the shadow slashes the child in half and rushes the well-dressed man.

The well-dressed man cries out, the massive shadow draws its blade up high as Nathan's face reforms in the darkness as he grins wickedly before spraying blood from the well-dressed man all over the street and passing by cars. The well-dressed man tossed his scepter at Nathan and attempted to flee. His fleeing was quickly cut off as arms of darkness leapt from the shadow of the child's corpse and grappled him. The child floated back to the well-dressed man, her cute innocent green eyes now glowing orbs of shadow, her young voice became chillingly cold and distorted as she screamed something at the man as the arms began to crush his limbs. All around Nathan, black fire burst onto the buildings and cars, igniting the city in flame in his wake.

Nathan shoved his hand into the well dressed man's throat and ripped it out slowly, twisting his hand as he pulled. With his other hand, Nathan drew back his sword to cleave into the well-dressed man. As the blade tip pushed into the well-dressed man's eye, Nathan snapped awake in his coffin and opened his eyes. His eyes in a blood lust, his fangs bared, his fists clenched "Soon....."

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