A surreal moment for Kennedy, Lazarus, the Pimp and the Koldun.

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A surreal moment for Kennedy, Lazarus, the Pimp and the Koldun. Empty A surreal moment for Kennedy, Lazarus, the Pimp and the Koldun.

Post by Jordan Kael on Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:30 pm

No ground beneath you. You’re suspended. Are you flying? You’re not falling. You try to move and find resistance. You’re floating. No ground beneath you, no sight of the surface above. There are others here. Lazarus, Raphael, Alfred the Koldun, Kennedy. Did you just see yourself? No, you look again and see only the three others.

Above you, is that a disturbance? It’s hard to tell. Sounds are muted and your field of vision is greatly reduced in the murky fluid you find yourself in. You turn your attention upward. Nothing at first, and then you see it. Humans. Dozens of dozens of them. Swimming downward. Swimming towards you? No, swimming past you. A hundred of them, two hundred, more? You look to your compatriots for some sign that they have more information than you, but are met with a matching confusion.

As the massing body of mortals swims down past you, you can see a change. The previously vibrant bodies start to have their vital energies ebb from them as they approach you, and in their passing fester and rot as they are no longer swimming, but sinking down below you. The gruesome parade seems to go on forever. Then, as suddenly as it began, it ends as the last fetid corpse descends from view.

You’re left with a few moments of respite, soaking in the fluids and detritus left behind by the legion of rotting bodies. Darkness, calm, rot. The peace of the grave disrupted by yet another disturbance, this time from below.

Turning your attention to this new commotion, you think you can almost see the ground. Then, out of nowhere, you’re being pulled down. Grasping hands all over your body, unseen but strong, drag you down with great force and speed. Coming into view, rising up from beneath you, an unending congeal mass of writhing, suppurating bodies. As you approach, bodies sinuate and coalesce with a surprising alacrity into massive coiling tendrils, offal squeezed ‘til they burst forth from bloating corpses like some form of vile cilia.

These monolithic, morbid appendages reach out and take hold of your forms, instilling a new sense of frailty in you in comparison. As the mass of cyclopean distention wraps its way around the lot of you, the squirming intestines go to work. Covered in thorny teeth, they tear away into Raphael’s skin. They slide excruciatingly between his muscles and organs after his heart, which they coil around and slowly pull forth from his body. Lazarus wriggles in agony, his entire body entwined in these savage cilia, as they rend his skin and flesh from bone, consuming his body. They crush the Koldun, squeezing him and heating up, boiling him from the inside. Kennedy is dragged down and swallowed by a gruesome maw that opens as he is drawn down into the ubiquitous mass. Just as it seems the pain is too much, and you want to scream for an end, you wake up with a start.

Lazarus, after a restless day, you exit your haven to find offal and gore spread out around the entrance in an approximate twenty foot radius. Kennedy, under the assumption you’ve already made the move to your new haven, you find yourself wrapped up in tarpaulin huddled together amongst a couple dozen corpses face to face with many a rictus grin, underneath a nearby overpass. Raphael and Alfred, please follow Lacey’s story to see what awaits you.
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