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Post by Alexis Eve on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:03 pm

Walking threw the aisle, her head hangs down with her hat covering her eyes, she slowly dragging her right hand over the pews. The light in this place has dimmed from so many years ago. An elderly gentleman clears his throat and she stops.

"Long time no see, my dear." As the elderly gentleman motions for her to sit. She proceeds towards the man, slow and careful. The gentleman places the hassock from behind the pew in front of her and she kneels.

"So, you retired now?" She whispers as she starts to pretends to pray.

"Yes, that I am. Retired two years ago. Wasn't counting on you ever coming back this way to be honest."  The gentleman suddenly smacks the back of her head. "Also, it isn't wise to pretend. You never did when you step foot in this place."

"Events changed me, the comfort isn't there anymore. It's more of old habit." She narrowed her eyes and retorted.

"When was the last time you confessed?" He said, without being fazed by her glare. He's seen it many times when she use to be here.  He just crossed his arms like a disapproving father.

She looks down and sighs a little. "The night of the battle, when I didn't expect to come back." She gives a shake of the head as that memory started to make it's way to the surface.

"And yet here you are, back and assuming you want your room back as well?"

She nods.

"Well then, it's still here. Still safe, just not like you remember it. When you didn't come back, I removed a lot of things from it. In case one of the "others" came looking, not that any really did. I followed your orders, it's all gone and sent to those addresses you had given me so many years ago." He pauses as he can see the slightest part of the hilt of her sword stick out from the coat. "You managed to get it back?"

She looks up at him and smirks. "It's really the only thing that lured me back, an associate decided to contact me to come back, and this is kinda what made me decided to stay for awhile. Also with that being said, could I get the key to the passage to my old room?"

"Only after confession, my child." She smiles and holds the key up in the air.

"I don't think your old ticker could deal with one of my confessions now. Besides, what would be the point anymore? I'm pretty damned."

He places his hand on her shoulder. "Child, everyone can have salvation, if they only wish to seek it. Besides, it isn't in me to give up on you."
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