Hell Diving 101 and How to Kill Things that are on Fire Vol 1.

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Hell Diving 101 and How to Kill Things that are on Fire Vol 1.  Empty Hell Diving 101 and How to Kill Things that are on Fire Vol 1.

Post by Kris K on Sat Oct 11, 2014 4:58 am

Nathan sat at a desk. It wasn't a school desk, more one of those desks you would see at in an office. In-front of him sat two tomes or as Nathan had started calling them, Text-books. He flipped a page absently it was just becoming another motion...another page filled with text as dry as death valley. This creature, Filum, Genus... The text just went on like that, treating the denizens of the underworld like a common groundhog and it was boring as sin.

"Here I thought learning about demons and how to kill them would be interesting. Silly you Nathan, Silly you." He shut that book then, it was titled How to Kill Things that are on Fire Vol 1, and replacing it with the other textbook,Hell Diving 101, and started to read in the hopes that this one would at-least have a bit of fluff to it. Something to latch onto instead of the pure unadulterated education that was the first book. "Ok...in order to protect yourself from the forces of...yeah this sounds all about right..." Nathan scratches his chin and turns the page, and there it was! The Text book speak again! This one had started out so...so..so..PROMISING! It was almost like the book was taunting him by having a readable first page! Who had the time to write like this!? Who had the will and the need to make something so...so BORING!? Especially with a title like Hell Diving 101!? That was insane!

He sighed and reached into his jacket pocket to pull out a candy bar. It was an old habit from his school days and even as a vampire when he had to read or study something he just wasn't interested in out would come something he could chew on. Chocolate, Gum, Jerky it really didn't matter what just something to occupy even a section of his thoughts instead of devoting it all to the drudgery of the text.

It was all he could do even with his candy mental focus to read for as long as fifteen minutes...it was time for a break..he was getting no-where fast, tackling this would take some real mental effort and he was going to need a lot more candy...
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