The adventures of Randy "butternubs" CPA, Malkavian and all around piece of shit

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The adventures of Randy "butternubs" CPA, Malkavian and all around piece of shit

Post by Ber4798 on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:21 pm

The scene takes place in the a large wine cellar, well lit and furnished.

"We will now go over the this for the 90th time. You are I are going to drink, blood again. I am going to show video of you drinking it, again for the 90th time, and then you will accept the fact that you are Cainite, a vampire, and that your old life is over.

A scene plays out, on that have played out many times before, a vampire blood frenzies, drains all available blood in front of him, and then stares blankly into the wall. While that takes place, another Cainite watches on, recording and observing. Seemingly getting more and more frustrated.

"Alright, you see, here is you, on camera, the same one in front of us now. You see you drinking the blood, you see your fangs extended, the beast controlling you and exhalation in the joy of feeding. Can we at least agree on that"

The blood covered young man, slowly slaps into focus
" I don't know what you are talking about, but can I get your contact email"

A scream is heard at Alfred Zanatosa, spends yet another of his precious willpower, and moves to safe room to frenzy in comfort.

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