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Post by Corock on Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:54 am

Their is an itch  in my brain.
It has been there since i was born, though i suppose if another Cainite asked me to explain it I would say it was there since I was..... chosen, or born again, or both.
I suppose these thoughts culminate in my worthless and beautiful sire.
I suppose when my kind choose to embrace they should at least know the second outcome.

When you lay in a pit of your own bile and blood, I suppose many ask themselves why they are there?
But when I looked into the eyes of my sire,  I seek the question... Why am I here again? Surely God would not let me suffer so twice!
So simple a question, that was answered by agony.
The children of the Malk believe they know madness.  
I suppose that is why I cling to them.
But they cannot know the madness there is in pain, as your immortal form is ripped and restitched into a new being. Most Caintites think their transgression made them ascendant. That the few pains of change have made them worthy.

They tend to forget that pain is the only constant that God gives the children of Seth.
And they tend to forget that while we become the children of Caine, we were all born the children of Seth.

When I ascended from the pit I had dug, full of the flesh and bones of the Nazi officer's wives and children, I was changed. And though my sire had cast me into that pit, I arose different.

That day, the itch in my brain began to beat with my heart. And until this day it has become stronger and more fierce.

Until today. I felt that same pain again, once, after many years of silence.

I wonder what that means?


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