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Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:58 pm

(OOC:This is strictly personal but is wraith related so Jordan you are invited to handle the ?more? dead person.  Ask Rakes if you need details about who she was)

Small drifts as ash and salt settled over the patterns of painted vitae and wax.  Candles burned low over the directions their guardians called an hour since to attend the summoning.  The air was streaked with trails of cigar smoke the last bits of which still smouldered in the nganga.

Everything was prepared.  Raphael drew a swig of rum from the bowl and spit it through the central candle before setting it in front of the twisted and charred straight razor.

"Centella Ndoki, I offer you these gifts if you will but turn your eyes and allow the soul I seek to pass through the cemetery gates under your care.  You will know her by the ties this trinket had to her.  I offer you smoke to decorate your winds, rum to soothe the fires in your heart and blood to act as coin for barter beyond the gates.  Mama Wanga look with favor upon these and allow this spirit passage to attend upon your petitioner."

The razor's blade seems strangely undamaged by the fire as it parts the skin of his forearm.  As the trance settles upon him, he waits.
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