It is true that Liberty is precious; So precious that it must be carefully rationed.

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It is true that Liberty is precious; So precious that it must be carefully rationed.

Post by Corock on Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:27 am

I speak to all of you with Pride.

I should have spoken sooner, but I have been busy with the fallout of our recent tasks.

I want everyone of you to know that I am proud of you as a Bishop of the Sect. Every One of you that hears this message was worthy of your Initiation to the Sabbat.

You have stood against those who would make you kneel and have shown them the error of their demands. All who stood against the Infernal shall forever be my family twice. A Sibling in Cane, and a Cainite defiant of  the Devil.

But our challenges are not over.

I know our hearts are pure, but we must prove this to the rest of the Sect.

As such i request a meeting with all Ductus, Priests, and anyone who is not a member of a pack at our next Esbat. Know that I will ask you questions, but that you are not required to answer because you are free. If you wish to know these question beforehand and feel like discussing the possibilities to which your answers will be used, then please feel free to speak to me before the next Esbat. (*OOC   make sure to CC

I am proud of you all. As I have said, those Cainites that have stood against the Infernal in Pittsburgh are my Family twice. Because while Caine may have spit at the Mercy of Angels, He never bowed at the devils feet.

Bishop Mordecai "The Red" Krakovsky


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