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Midnight Ride Empty Midnight Ride

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:31 pm

The rooster's corpse shuddered as the life bled from it's ruptured neck. The blood created shockingly red streams on the white expanse of Raphael's chest. A dead landscape painted with fresh life.

"Centella Ndoki mistress of the gate I give you life as tithe for your aide! Look still with favor upon my task. Know that as one dead I am forever within your service."

He took up a shin bone and the slow rumble of the drum began as his servant lit the bonfire. Soon the small basement room began to resound the drumming in erratic patterns like thunder on the mountains. "Chango, in thunder and fire I call to you! See the scars of war upon my people! Smell the blood of our enemies in your nostrils! Know that they pay you no homage and tithe nothing to your Glory."

"Chango! I will tithe you their blood! In your name I will burn their bodies!" words becoming shouts as the Beast loomed in his eyes. "Let your fire sing in my Blood! Let your thunder ring in my words and raise strength in my people! Give me victory in war and know the Glory will be yours! I invite you into my flesh that you may partake of my battles and taste my enemies blood for yourself!"

A mighty crash and tearing left nothing of the drum save the echoes of thunder in the night.
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