In the Dark of the Night

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In the Dark of the Night Empty In the Dark of the Night

Post by Gustav Beaumont on Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:07 pm

By the flicker of candle light, Gustav Beaumont sat hunched over a desk in his loft, pen in hand and staring thoughtfully at the pages in front of him. Books sat stacked beside him, dusty old tomes with various book marks jutting out from them. He watched the shadows dance around his candle before putting his pen to paper.

  “In the beginning there was darkness. It was formless and vast, encompassing all things while having no mass of its own. It was everything and it was nothing, the whole sum of creation. And for eons uncounted the world continued that way, nothing but darkness and silence. But then the silence was broken, a God spoke “Let there be light” and there was. The darkness was no longer alone, was no longer everything. Worse yet, the light defined it, gave it shape and outline. It was bunched up and twisted, no longer able to let flat like a body of water but forced to hide from the light behind objects, to take the form of objects. Darkness became shadow. Not all darkness accepted this limitation. It fled from light, burrowing into the deepest corners of creation, to a place where no light could reach it. It became the Abyss. There it laid in that sunless realm for years untold, a sea without substance lapping steadily against nonexistent shores, until again a voice broke its unending silence. This one was from no god but a mighty word it was nonetheless. A single word called out to the Abyss, “Lasombra”, and there was darkness once again. “

  Gustav had learned much since relocating to this city, and despite his trepidation over the events of his first Esabatt in Pittsburgh, he was glad for the move. The city had resources that the countryside was simply lacking. He had learned more about the nature of darkness in a few months of living here than he had in decades elsewhere. Of course it also helped that there was a very great motivator to learn more about the Abyss in the city. The Leviathan. Its presence intrigued him. A being of primordial darkness, what secrets did it hold in its alien mind? What long forgotten knowledge could it keep hidden? Gustav sighed and turned back to his work, a treatise on what he had learned of the Abyss thus far. It seemed a prudent thing to put to paper, given the nature of the assignment he and his clan had been given by the Arch Bishop. After all, there it existed a very real possibility that their plan to fix the damage others had done would go awry and he would hate to see his expertise on the subject lost. He tapped the pen against the desk, watching the shadows dance.
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