In defense of Havens

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In defense of Havens

Post by AC-Lacy on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:09 pm

Fellow Abbots,

I have been informed we can use this site to help plan and direct our efforts in stewarding this great pivotal city.  So I reach out to all fellow Abbots as a call to innovate and share tactics.  Some of us are from once mobile packs, whilst others this may be their first move from 'home'.  Let us use our shared knowledge to make our havens as safe as possible for our beloved brethren.

Since I have the preverbial talking stick I'll start with a few suggestions.

Havens should look just used enough to pass for a squatting spot for the local homeless.  In fact if you can cordon off a spot on the easier entrance for the derelict of the city, you can both have meals delivered and a plausible stopping point for any nosy mortals.

Secondly, if you are to use a actual house for a haven, keep it cleanish.  Having a slightly lived in look to the house keep nosy people happy.  Yes, they are food, but they are incredibly numerous.  Lets try to keep the daylight visitors bored and infrequent.

Third, if you are looking to run experiments, as I know many of you are.  Look into using a retainer to purchase some office or industrial space.  The shittier the better.  This way the more creative of your packs have the chance to find their enlightenment and there is some much room for activities.  

I have more suggestions but I want to see your responses.

Lacy Bastion, Abbot of Chop Shop


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Re: In defense of Havens

Post by Razor Greene on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:43 pm

I've always set us up in a place that was large and open - whether it be a loft apartment or a large warehouse. Multiple entrances and exits are key. Some packs have more refined tastes as a whole, while other packs take to the wilds or the underground.

The most successful havens that the Sons of Liberty have ever had were ones that were large enough to accommodate the pack (don't skimp on space our beasts all need breathing room) and ones that allowed for easy access.

I've heard tale of intricate security systems and computerized locks, but I'm not sharp with that stuff.
Razor Greene

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