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Worlds Collide Empty Worlds Collide

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:16 am

The flames of the dying bonfire grew deep red as the heat bled into the night, the wood snapped, and groaned as the last of its life was expended in the heat. Raphael hardly noticed. He stood at a nexus of sorts; seeing the overlay of worlds beyond the imaginings of the Kine or even the small minded among the Cainites.

He could see the spirits within the flames and wraiths curious at the dead thing that had walked across their graves to come to this small wood. There was a taint across every barrier, an infection in every existence. The hunter had been making progress, its influence wearing the spaces between planes thin.

Fear was spreading among the lesser inhabitants. A wraith barely free of its caul disturbed his meditation, "Seer, can you help us?" To the wraith's terrified surprise he lashed out across the Shroud grabbing her and striping away the Pathos life blood of the wretch.

"I was trying to help myself survive this outsider. And you have become an impediment to that goal."

The wraith began to beg, "Please, I am not ready, I can't leave them yet!"

His smile was a cruel thing of bared fangs in a face like a corpse rictus, "Leave? Disrupt me again and I will see you cast into Oblivion bereft of existence. But if you are quiet perhaps you can be of use to me before the end. be here when next I return."

His meditation ruined and dawn approaching he gathered his ritual items to make for his haven. As he turned the wraith spoke again, "When will you return Seer?"

"Whenever I choose. So you would be wise to be ready."
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