The lay of his lands.

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The lay of his lands. Empty The lay of his lands.

Post by AC-Lacy on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:28 pm

It's a warm Monday night and the bars in Greentree are light with traffic. Those who would normally fill these fine establishments during the later days of the week, are happy the dreaded Monday is over. This doesn't deterred him, he is looking for the most pathetic of wino, those that would drink their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lacy walks into Mr Bones Bar and Bistro, taking a seat at the bar. The Blackhawks/Bruins game is on the multiple TVs as he surveys the patrons. These people are the regulars, those who would be missed if they stopped showing up.

Lacy pulls out a pad and paper, beginning to take notes. The bartender, a young red head walks over "Whad'ya have stranger, you look a little cold". Lacy responds "I'm fine miss, but if you have a light I'd be forever grateful." he smiles a bit laying on his charms. Bartender placated, Lacy goes back to his notes, enjoying a smooth Virginia Slim

The night seems to pass uneventfully, nearing last call the door slams open. Stumbling into the bar are two frat boys. Drunk on cheap booze, they make a ruckus that nobody seems to want to interrupt. Soon their attention is turned to the young bartender.

"Hey, I eva telll yooo have a niss aesss, fire cratch?" the taller of the two shouts over the bar. Receiving no response from the bartender, the smaller one remarks "Dude, Chaz, I thank shhhhe wunts the D." As he reaches over and barely misses slapping the young woman's posterior.

Lacy thinks to himself. 'Here I thought tonight would be boring, but now I get some exercise, and a drink. I better not have too much, Alexi will beat me if I'm knackered.' He walks over to the pair. "Hey, little dick and his life partner ballsonchin" barking at the two.

"Da fuq ya say? Billa, he just call you a luife pertner? Dude, no homo." With those brave words, Chaz takes a swing towards Lacy. Now, most college boys can't fight their way out of a wet t-shirt... much less drunk ones. The punch goes wild. Billy responds in his best big guy voice "Fucks yer name fucker?" Lacy responds in a calm voice, while punching Chad in the stomach "Why it's Lacy, I thought you'd never ask. Now lets take this outside boys. Miss?" he turns to the bartender "Mind not calling the cops, I should only be a few moments?"

One unimpressive fight later, Chaz and Billy are in the back of Lacy's car. He drives merrily back to the haven, it's been a while since the pack has sat back and had an out cold broski. Tonight though, they dine on cheap beer!


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