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Post by SSmith on Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:12 am

Dagon was there when Jenny awoke, veiled from sight by the gifts of the blood, licking its lips in anticipation. Weeks of careful work had led to this moment, and despite the risk it could not resist being present for the payoff. The curtains were drawn to hide the heavy matting of duct tape that covered the windows, which Dagon would take down before leaving the apartment, shielding it from the sun just enough to allow the vampire to witness the fruits of its labors.

"Oh, god... ohgodohgodohgod..." Jenny began to panic as she realized the state she was in. The smell of liquor was overpowering. The alarm clock was unplugged from the wall. It was dark. Glass bottles rattled and rolled from the bed to the floor. Her head throbbed. The familiarity of the experience only added to the horror. She staggered to her feet, stumbling, and alternately fell and crawled into the bathroom. The woman in the mirror was also all too familiar. Her eyes were bloodshot, her face pale and spiderwebbed with broken capillaries, her hair matted with vomit. Another bottle rolled under her foot, sending her to the ground hard, its ringing deafening in the acoustics of the bathroom.

"Oh, no... How could... How could I...?" she gasped, blubbering, careening out of the bathroom and snatching her phone from the nightstand by her bed. The time was troubling - she had missed the start of her shift by four hours - but even more troubling were the multiple messages she knew were from her supervisor. Her hands shook. Also on the nightstand, the coin she'd received from the support group, that signified her having been sober for a full year, glared back at her accusingly.

Dagon leered. This was the third time in as many weeks it had engineered this turn of events, and it knew Jennifer's employers were nearing the limits of their patience. The first few times it had left a bottle adorned with a bow on her doorstep, she had simply poured it down the drain, as Dagon had known she would. Dagon persisted, however, exerting its influence over her animal nature to sap her will as she slept until, at last, she could resist no longer. Of course, Dagon hedged its bets, unplugging every clock in the apartment, switching Jennifer's phone to silent, leaving empty and half-empty bottles around the house for her to find, and always making sure a full one was close at hand.

The vampire had first encountered Jennifer, unsurprisingly, at Alcoholics Anonymous, one of many support groups it haunted in the hopes of finding those most vulnerable. After all, the company had need of teachers, professionals, and influencers, and Dagon had made it its business to isolate useful individuals and guide them into a state where they would be most receptive to an offer. Sufferers from addiction, like Jennifer, were particularly easy to manipulate - they were, after all, half broken already.

As Jennifer sat, listening to her messages, head in her hands, wondering how she would find a new job, Dagon quietly shuffled its phone out of its pocket and punched her address into the body of a text.

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