Ophelia('s Parents) (June 2018)

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Ophelia('s Parents) (June 2018) Empty Ophelia('s Parents) (June 2018)

Post by SSmith on Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:30 am

Ophelia was nine years old, and had just gotten braces, so she was pretty miserable. She'd been teased all day at school, her mouth hurt, and she didn't understand that her parents had gone into debt for the sake of her dental health. All she knew was that she was, for the moment, as miserable as she had ever been.

On the way to the hospital, it was at first very difficult to understand her, blubbering as she was through a largely toothless mouth continually welling up with blood. Properly sedated, before losing consciousness entirely, she would describe how a "monster dog" had run into her, and how she had fallen against the edge of a storm drain, smashing out most of her front teeth.

Ophelia would live, but her family's finances would likely never recover - between the thousands wasted on braces already, and new hospital bills piling up, her college fund depleted, the family's home mortgaged, not to mention private loans that would strain relationships for years to come. Ophelia's social life was also not likely to improve - if the other children teased her before, with braces, they would be merciless now. Maybe someday she would be able to afford cosmetic dental work. Maybe.

Dagon knew that poverty was a difficult well out of which to climb. It kept an eye on the family, noting their increasing desperation, and only counted coup when it was complete. The girl he would have to watch a little longer - her self-loathing and social isolation would provide fertile ground for a future project.

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