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Post by SSmith on Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:06 pm

Narcotics Anonymous had proven especially fertile ground for Dagon's brand of meddling. The vampire had come to enjoy immensely just sitting, listening to the pathetic mewling of the addicted, spinning wild yarns of its own, making a game of one-upping the saddest cases. In the guise of the rough but winsome Tom Van, Dagon was always on time, always an attentive listener, and always brought enough coffee for everyone.

Grant was thirty-nine, and felt like a lifetime of opportunities had already passed him by. Maybe he was right. He was quiet at the meetings, rarely sharing, but often lamenting the loss of his job, his wife, his kids when he did. Dagon zeroed in on Grant right away, waiting for the fellow's fortunes to inevitably change. They did, eventually, when Grant was offered a job in Philadelphia, and told the group that he was making preparations to move. He was excited, excited enough to overshare, and it proved easy enough to track down the employer in question.

Before making the move that would cost Grant his new job, however, Dagon had some additional stage dressing to place. Vicissitude temporarily transformed Dagon's favorite ghoul into a passable double of Tom Van, while Dagon itself, referencing photos a teary-eyed Grant had been all too eager to share, allowed itself to be seen - with the help of Obfuscate - in the guise of Grant's estranged wife, lurking around the meeting site - and taking pictures.

So it was when Grant's prospective employer abruptly rescinded the offer, they didn't have to mention that it was because they had received photographs of Grant at an NA meeting. Grant's wife, of course, vehemently denied having been anywhere near Pittsburgh, and could prove it, which tortured and confused Grant all the more. Thus, with his last hope of redemption dashed in circumstances too strange even to investigate further, Grant stopped going to the meetings.

Indeed, it was only the arrival of another, wholly unexpected job offer that stayed his hand from taking his own life.

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