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Erica (November 2018) Empty Erica (November 2018)

Post by SSmith on Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:46 am

Dagon slithered in under the bed, curling itself up with inhuman flexibility, squeezing into a space where the monster should not have been able to fit. Almost giddy with anticipation, it waited, patiently, for Erica Jackson to return to her apartment after work - at a daycare center, where her own baby girl, Geraldine, would often be looked after by friends and coworkers. The irony was what made this worth doing.

It began so simply, and progressed so slowly, that in the end a nigh-hysterical Erica could not relate much of a story to the press - or to the courts. From her perspective, she remembered only laying down for a nap. When she awakened - almost two weeks later - the apartment was filled with empty liquor bottles, and her baby was dead and rotten.

All Dagon had to do was exercise a little stealth, a lot of patience, and some small facility with the gifts of the blood. One supernatural nudge sapped all interest and drive from the mother, leaving her largely ignorant of the passage of time and disinclined to rise from her bed. Another minimal effort created a zone of perfect silence, ensuring that the infant’s cries never roused the mother from her stupor. The bottles served only to add insult to injury - and convince the world that Erica was an alcoholic and an unfit mother, eliminating the possibility that some other condition or phenomenon would be blamed for her negligence.

When the story broke, the “monster mom” instantly became the worst kind of celebrity - the next Casey Anthony - and discovered that she had not a friend left in the world. No friend, that is, except for the slick and oily lawyer provided for her defense by “interested parties,” and a generous offer at the ready to option her story for a tell-all book.

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