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Russell Danforth (December 2018) Empty Russell Danforth (December 2018)

Post by SSmith on Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:37 pm

It's a simple thing to break a kid's hands. For a vampire, it isn't much more difficult to assume the appearance of a child's piano instructor when the genuine article leaves the room, and frame the teacher for slamming the lid down over the keys while the child is playing. To elevate the practice to an art, as Dagon sought to do, required dedication and an eye for detail.

With only a little... outside assistance... it proved not too difficult to horrify each child so thoroughly that no clear version of the story could be had from them. As Mr. Danforth began losing clients, Dagon visited the parents of the injured children in the night, lulling them into ennui and blunting their desire for justice. A pattern began to emerge, and it was whispered that Mr. Danforth had crippled more than one child, that he could not control his rages, and that perhaps someone should do something about it.

When Dagon finally let the floodgates open, letting evidence mount in the possession of select parents deemed most likely to take matters into their own hands, Dagon planted journals filled with angry rants, and photographs of the children's injured hands, in Danforth's apartment. When the parents, whipped into a murderous frenzy, attempted to drag Danforth out of his place themselves, a concerned citizen called the police.

Mercifully, Danforth was spared a lynching, and had the good sense to destroy the journal and photos, but his confidence was shattered. Was it possible he had actually done those things? Did it even matter? He would never work as a piano instructor again. By the time Dagon's employers paid him a visit, his internet search history was packed with such gems as "painless suicide" and "non-prescription drug overdose".

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