A Letter of Request

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A Letter of Request

Post by Jordan Kael on Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:05 pm

To the Ducti, Lords, Ladies, Sergeants, and Chiefs of Pittsburgh,

In the interest of security and unity, I formally request that all packs within the city of Pittsburgh dispatch a courier to myself at their earliest convenience. In order to make the most complete and efficient reports in my letters to our beloved Priscus, the Most Reverend Sir Vanis, I request certain information.

-The name of your pack.
-The members of said pack and their positions within.
-Cities of note your pack has resided in which could prove relevant.
-Which neighborhoods you have claimed as your personal territories.
-Any enemies of note you have made along the way.

  In addition to this, please feel free to add any other important information or concerns you may have. I assure you, I will be sharing this information solely with Monsignor Vanis. Again, please, I would appreciate the above information at you soonest convenience. Thank you, my many Masters.

May the Sword of Caine never dull nor shy away from it's purpose,
your most humble servant,

Archibald R. Grimaldi
Jordan Kael

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