Finding Perfection.

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Finding Perfection. Empty Finding Perfection.

Post by Dr.Grey on Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:19 pm

A blood curdling scream, cut short... Like an orgasm of pain stopped just before the final climax. It is hard to scream without a mouth, after all. The look on her face is enough, however. Fear, that primal need to survive... I'll remove this useless trapping from her mind. With agony, I'll enlighten her. She too, can become perfect.

The "operating room" is dim, musty and soaked in blood. After decades of trying, I've decided that it's best to let it be. The smell is acrid, akin to rotting meat, but without the pungent forcefulness. I let it tickle my olfactory glands before focusing again on my work.

She strains against the leather straps that hold her. Soon, she will be powerful enough to break free. So powerful, in fact, that nothing can bind her again. I lift my hand and gently place it on her quivering flesh. She flinches, possibly from the cold touch, or maybe from my appearance? No... This is what real beauty is. She'll never need makeup again.

I remove the fat first... The breasts, the gluteus. Not much there, but she's got the musculature of an athlete. That would be why I chose her. She writhes in an exquisite dance as I let my hands flow through her flesh, like a sculptor with clay. I place the heaps of yellow next to her face, letting her watch the process.

Her eyes begin rolling into the back of her head. She's going into shock... She hasn't lost enough blood, maybe it's her psyche? She's breaking too quickly, this isn't any fun anymore.

I close her skin, and throw a tarp over her.

Maybe tomorrow.


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