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Drinks anyone? Empty Drinks anyone?

Post by Kris K on Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:34 pm

Ya know the best thing about being being a Sabbat Member and looking just like the Kine? Well it means you get to be the bad boy for the living and the dead and that just has a sort of power about it.

That was what was going through Nathan's head as he slammed his body into the mother fucker in the alley who had been trying his damnedest to get a free ride from a cute little red head. Now what Nathan was going to do to said red head probably wasn't much better but hey! At-least she would have a reason to like him before he started fucking with her head and making him her god. Really though, who was counting? Beat the shit out of a rapist so you can have a drink or two? That wasn't so bad was it? Yeah it probably was and for Nathan's sin this man sure would take even more of a beating.

So he hit him again. "Dude stop! Stop! I'll go! Just Ah! SHIT!" Nathan wasn't listening and he hit him again this time square on the nose causing blood to run down the side of his face. Nathan licked his lips it was to bad this idiot didn't have the right stuff or he'd drink him dry as a vessel for all the sin in this alleyway. By the time that Nathan really was finished the man was a crying mess on the ground. Nathan stood up, dusted himself off and turned to speak to the girl. She seemed scared but that wouldn't last long. "Its alright dear Calm Down" and with those simple words she did. "Lets go have a drink shall we?" and as her eyes went distant and the two walked to Nathan's car all he could think was. "I think I'll keep this one..." Not realizing he said it out loud.
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