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Post by Kael on Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:00 pm

Nathan sits at a window looking over the a large portion of North Hills. His posture is shifted onto his elbow as he sits slanted in his chair, his hand rests on the side of his neck. His cold eyes gaze upon the quiet life of 3:30am in a upper class area. In the background, a clock ticks as the pendulum swings its eternal rhythm.

"Hmph" he chuckles. "To think we have such young confused blood. They don't make vampires like they used to." He smirks and pulls a goblet from the side table and drinks some chilled blood.

"I find the practice of claiming domain quite out of place. I understand the intention, but the execution was very poor." Nathan shakes his head "I wonder how many of these vampires know there sires." He pauses for a moment. "I expect many bastards among this city." Nathan swirls the blood in his goblet as the shadows swirl around him.

"I think an enthusiastic walk in the park would be fine this evening, but alas I have not eaten..." Nathan pauses and snaps his fingers "Servant, dinner" Nathan sets his wine glass down and await his dinner.

After a few moments pass, Nathan sighs "Servant! Food now!" he yells. A moment later the door is flung open as Lorelei comes running in carrying a passed out blonde girl. Nathan motions for her to approach him and awaits his dinner. Lorelei brings the girl forward and sits her on his lap. Nathan smiles and pets the passed out girl "You have done well... Her neck and breasts are mine, you can have her ankles and thighs." Nathan's eyes flare with hunger as he runs his fangs on the girls neck "blessed be to our dark father..." Nathan bites into the girls neck and drinks the blood slowly. Lorelei looks up at Nathan for an approving nod. After indulging his initial bloodlust, Nathan nods to Lorelei and she bites into the passed out girl's leg. The two sit and slowly drink from the girl.

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