Strength through Unity, Unity through Strength

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Strength through Unity, Unity through Strength

Post by Kael on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:43 pm

Brothers, sisters, cainites, children of the dark father. I would like to formally express my concern and build upon what his excellency, the bishop, spoke about last meet.

We, are not enemies. We are united as a sword. Guided and forged by Caine. However it seems some don't understand or were not taught the brotherhood of the Sabbat. This may be due to lack of sire training or possibly a newly embraced. While years of sire training is not commonly done within the Sabbat these days, a good understanding of what members of the sword should be doing for each other.

Members of the sword should be willing to fight and die for one another. While violence is normally the solution we employ, we should be a smarter and sharper sword than a dull sword. Why do we quarrel? Why do we fight with one another? Why do we plan behind each others back?

If someone needs a good ass kicking for being stupid then slug it out, but just don't take it further than that. Don't make it a 100 year grudge that turns into a power war in the shadows like Camarilla dogs.  

We should do something next gather or soon that brings us closer together. The Vaulderie is a sacred rite but some don't seem to take that bond as seriously. If we want to survive these dark days and destroy the elders of the Camarilla. We cannot be fighting among ourselves. Save your hatred for our enemies, let your hate flow through the sword and stile down your enemies, not your brothers.

Praised be to Caine! Strike fear into the hearts of our enemies and mortals with the blessing you have been given. Death and destruction to the Camarilla filth in the dark father's name!

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