I know I asked about a drink before...but maybe we just talk? (Nathanial Valinor)

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I know I asked about a drink before...but maybe we just talk? (Nathanial Valinor) Empty I know I asked about a drink before...but maybe we just talk? (Nathanial Valinor)

Post by Kris K on Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:01 pm

Nathan crossed his legs, he was sitting in some club he didn't know the name of meeting with some fools who liked to talk about bank figures and making money. Nathan knew that kind of thing was important gathering funds for the Sect and all but it also meant he had to deal with these kinds of idiots and well that was just plain annoying. "A Toast to our new friend! I think he's gona prove to be a good addition to this city! Just gota find a firm that'll take ya eh eh?!" The man sitting next to Nathan said poking him in the ribs with his elbow. "Yeah, Its gona be a great time for everyone, I have a good feeling that this city is going to be a lot more interesting now that I'm in town." He turned on that shit eating grin he did so well, raised the glass and took a drink.

He sighed, whiskey just wasn't as good now that he was dead. Though mix it with a little bit of blood and...He snapped out of it getting all introspective now was not a good plan he had to seem interesting if he was going to make some friends, and not friends like that girl he had sitting back home. Awh well, the night wouldn't be to much longer, he'd have to excuse himself soon enough but for now just keep on faking it Nathan just keep on faking it.

The men kept talking about this conquest or that, both of women and of other companies. Tales of daring that involved a spread sheet not a rifle. War was crazy but it beat sitting around bullshitting. At-least he'd have a fight coming soon he figured the Cammies would want revenge for their tasty buddy and who knows maybe he could spin it to these guys into some tale about beating up some girls husband after he slept with her. That would get on their good sides, maybe a little bit to well. Another Drink, another toast yeah not to much longer now.
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