From the North Shore to the Three Rivers

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From the North Shore to the Three Rivers Empty From the North Shore to the Three Rivers

Post by Mr. Heart on Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:24 am

The 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500/428 tore down the freeway at breakneck speed. The custom stereo system reverberated with the sounds of a octet of cellos.

The man behind the wheel was captivated by the music, driving at times with his knee as he mock conducted the piece. He had yet to decide how he'd establish himself in this town and whether or not he'd even encounter any other kindred. The city was large and had history though, so he didn't doubt it would happen eventually. He wasn't worried about it. He didn't want to stick his dick in anyone's cheerios and he didn't want any part of anyone's wars - simply the means to keep on - just like in his years as a ghoul. He glanced over at the girl in the passenger seat. Her head lolled lazily to the side as her mind swam with what her body was metabolizing. "HEY!" he yelled over the music as he called on his force of personality to gain her attention. "I was saying - this car was actually owned by the original creator, Carroll Shelby." Her interest was simply a product of the powers of his blood and his famous face. He sighed and scoffed in disgust at her inability to hold down her drug cocktail and at her ignorance for just how awesome one of a kind things were. As the playlist cycled through a cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" blared.

He slammed the car into fourth gear and made his way towards the penthouse he was currently staying in downtown. He was still house hunting. The new condition caused him to want a more suitable haven for permanent residency. He'd still keep more than one place, like he did back in Ohio, but the immediacy of the need couldn't be ignored. The city had lots of old mansions and he was sure his credentials would get him far.
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