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Post by FrankKennedy on Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:58 pm

Frank sat at his computer completing an important business transaction. Located in Brașov, Romania was a forestry business started by one of the sons of Ludwig Greiner. An order for one dozen root-balled stock Rhododendron Myrtifolium, better known as rose bay, was placed placed with and ease of a click of the mouse.

Next was a call to Botany Shop Garden Center made by Frank's retainer. One dozen Princeton Elms, shipped in gallon containers, each tree roughly 42-60 inches tall sent for the low price of $600.

Frank smirked as Tim (the retainer) completed his order. Nodding his thanks and indicating a job well done, he then turned his attention back to the briefcase full of documents pertaining to Jonathon Mercer that was assembled in front of him.

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