The Grand Ole Opry (07/18/13)

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The Grand Ole Opry (07/18/13) Empty The Grand Ole Opry (07/18/13)

Post by Mr. Heart on Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:15 pm

Mr. Heart pulled up in front of the Orchestra hall in a 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage (license plate 'J-OFHRTS'), handed his keys to the valet and opened the passenger door for his date. The girl who emerged couldn't have been more than 18 years old (if that) and was dressed in a designer gown. A person savvy enough might recognize it as an Alexander McQueen piece. For his part, Mr. Heart wore an Armani tuxedo. The evenings entertainment was the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra presenting the works of Led Zeppelin. Normally such an affair would have been low key, but he had made sure to call up his contacts to get put on a list (and ensure a red carpet entrance via hosting an after party at Elixir Ultra Lounge on East Carson street) rather than simply purchase tickets. It was a blatant display of himself: an act to show the upper echelons of Pittsburgh that he was here and that his name (and checkbook) would be making an impact. He hoped the display would get the smallest amount of media attention, but as backup he ensured that his date volunteered at the Pittsburgh City Paper. His seats were specifically selected to be the most acoustically perfect spot (that he had selected during a private tour the week before).

"Thank you again so much, Mr. Heart! This is soooo amazing!!!" came the squeak of appreciation from his companion as they took their seats.

He simply smiled at her and lightly touched her knee to emphasize his words, "The pleasure is mine... I assure you, ma chérie." As he spoke, the force of his personality excited her emotions, Entrancing her with his Charming graces.

The nights here were easy for him, save for his run ins with the other denizens of the city. He figured that if he stuck to his circles that his only risk was running in to Mr. Kennedy. The rest of the Cainites were far from the spotlight by and large. His worries were few and with his knowledge of the Kennedy family he knew at least that they were more likely to come to business before they came to blows.

He settled in and began an evening of enjoyment.
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