Strengthen the Sword (OPEN)

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Strengthen the Sword (OPEN)

Post by Kael on Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:02 pm

Brothers and Sisters of the Sword,

One of our key strengths over the Camarilla is our willingness to share and train each other in the powers of the blood gifted to us by the Dark Father Caine. Maybe one way to quell this hot boiling blood is to bring our brotherhood stronger by sharing and reveling in our gifts. Of course a deal should be struck and equal exchange should be made in teachings but we should not be making blood bonds and life boons like the Camarilla does for training. I would like to speak with the Ducti in town next gather to expand on this and strength the sword. If just a handful of elders laid waste to the previous Sabbat's reign then we should strive to be stronger so when they return we do not fail.

Nathan Graves
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