The House that Jake Built...

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The House that Jake Built... Empty The House that Jake Built...

Post by Kael on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:03 am

July 6th, 11:28pm, Midland, Texas, Corner of 3rd and Cherry.

Nathan stalks the shadows of an alleyway. His coat blowing in the wind as he looks into the darkness smelling the fear of his victim. Ahead, a girl who could easily be mistaken for a stripper runs holding her left arm, blood dripping from it. The girl turns the corner and pulls a knife from her boot. After a moment she turns to confront Nathan. As she steps into the alleyway, her knife drawn up in the air, she stares only at darkness and the wind blowing an empty can down the street. From behind her, a voice echoes "Found you now.... Where is Jake.... Nathan is sits on a dumpster behind her. The girl turns and runs in fear from Nathan. As the girl turn the corner to leave his sight, a tendril shoots from the darkness and pulls her to the ground, the tendril wraps around her body and crushes her wrists and ankles. Nathan jumps from the dumpster and walks to her slowly whistling the tune of Creeping Death.

As he stands over her, the tendril lifts the strangling girl to his face, blood dripping from her lips
"Where is Jake......?"Nathans voice drops into a demonic tone, shadows pour from his eyes. The girl is paralyzed with fear and only can start crying. The girl spits up blood and responds "Fuck you! Fuck you, you god damn monster.... I hope yo.." Nathan breaks the girl's jaw and twists her neck around backwards. The girl should be dead, but being a ghoul of Jake is the only reason she is alive. "Let me make this perfectly clear... If I don't see Jake by the end of this year then you and your whole operation will be scourged into my soul.... Remember when I ended your last boss....."

The girl goes pale with fear as she thinks of how Nathan made her watch as she devoured her former blood master. "Oo..kk.... Fine.. You fucking asshole.. I'll tell him the message....." The girl spits on Nathan's face, covering it in blood. Nathan smiles and licks the blood from his face before crushing all her bones. Nathan's emotions seems only to be of rage and anger. His fangs extend as her pummels her viciously. Her body barely able to move, Nathan cuts his palm and pours a point of blood into her mouth "Heal your fucking arm and crawl home to Jake.... Tell him my message.... You wont die until I'm finished with him....." Nathan waits until the girl heals her right arm and she starts to crawl away. Nathan smirks and feels that he finally got the point across to an old rival....

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