What this Board is for... (Please Read First)

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What this Board is for... (Please Read First) Empty What this Board is for... (Please Read First)

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:05 am

As the IC Flavor Board, this board will be used for creative fiction writing for scenes your character does in week to give your character better development for the benefit of both the other Players in the game, and the Player of the PC...

Scenes posted here should be what YOUR character is doing, not involving any other PC's unless you have their prior permission to add them to the scene.  Please do not "kidnap" a player character into scenes posted here without their players consent.

Information on the scenes here is NOT IC INFORMATION open to the public but, as previously stated, is for the benefit of the development of the character.  As such, they should be written from a first person, or third person limited perspective, limited to what your character is doing...

Examples of acceptable FLAVOR SCENES:

1. Your character was asked by someone publicly to do something during in week to prepare for the next esbat/a siege about to happen/upcoming ritae and you describe your preparations for such...

2. (With your pack's permission) Describing rituals and or activities your pack does in week...

3.  Your character is scouting/feeding in your pack's territory and you describe the investigation/stalking of prey...

Lastly, feel free to (with the other character's permission) take where they left off and develop the story from there...  It's always interesting to read a chain of events as it unfolds from different perspectives, and above all else, I get REALLY bored at work and need something to occupy my time!

Get the idea?  I could go on...  But I won't...


1 XP per month towards monthly maximum can be awarded at ST discretion for posting a Flavor Scene in this forum...

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