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The Fortifying Darkness Empty The Fortifying Darkness

Post by Kael on Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:33 am

August 14th, 2013

The sound of pulsing heavy industrial music echoes through the pack corridor as Nathan looks up at multiple sheets of solid steel before him. His knuckles bloody, his eyes fixated in hatred on the Camarilla symbol on the sheets of steel. He clenches his fists and pummels the steel slabs again with blows that would shatter lesser steel. Nathan's intense rage is barely in control of full out frenzy. His assault continues for minutes, but at the end the steel is bent but not broken.

Nathan steps back licking the blood from his right hand, it oozes from his broken knuckles with bone showing. Nathan lets his head back in a monstrous laughter and heals the damage as he gives in to his beast and leaps into a vicious rage. The industrial music beat picks up as Nathan snarls and growls between blows. For hours, Nathan relentlessly hammers on the reinforced steel slab. Thoughts of lust, rage, power, and primal violence flow through his mind while frenzied. Before Nathan, the steel slab takes the form of young cowboy looking man, scarred up face, sabbat brand under his left eye, a scar from where his throat was once cut. Nathan draws back his broken shattered hands and punches the reinforced steel slab with unholy puissance. The steel slab shatters and explodes before Nathan with a thunderous rending. 20 or so minutes pass where Nathan just sit looking down at the shattered steel. Nathan finally calms himself from frenzy, his hands broken and bloody. Nathan puts up a black grail with purple engravings on it and drinks from freshly obtained blood. Some of it spilling down his chin and shirtless torso. Nathan wipes his face of the blood and sits down shutting off the radio.
"Guess I better call his excellency about this picture and letter I found at Mookie's now...." Nathan picks up his phone and dials Bishop Fortunado's number "Your Excellency, It's Nathan... I believe we should meet soon...." Nathan holds the note from Mookie's mailbox in one hand while flipping the picture of Mookie and this Candy in the other.

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