The Bloodbath of Your New Leadership...

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The Bloodbath of Your New Leadership...

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:50 am

To the denizens of the stronghold that is the City of 3 Rivers,

On the 14th of December, an eve following the most superstitious of days, I will be overseeing the inaguration of your new local leadership, Bishops Sebastian and Nathaniel...

This is a glorious time to celebrate the coming of capable leadership unto the city of Pittsburgh, and the new hope we can have for strengthening our home...

I will personally oversee their ritualistic claims to power, and invite all loyal, proud, initiated members of the Sabbat to attend... I will be holding a formal Esbat to collect all that wish to show respect to their new Leadership, and wish to be known as proud members of this city...

Most Sincerely,
Walter Pope
Archbishop of the diocese of Pittsburgh
Defender of the true beliefs of the sword of Caine

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