A Word with The Sword

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A Word with The Sword

Post by Kael on Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:51 am

Brother and Sisters of Caine,

First off, I hope you all are doing well since our battle with Desantes. I hope you all have re-armed yourselves and healed your wounds since our engagement. Those who stood with me and fought Desantes, I have not seen any braver in some time in service to The Sword. Everyone had a part to play in that chaotic turn of events and it seems we all played them well and came out on top. We all took something away from this time of struggle since the call was put out to mend The Sword in Pittsburgh.

We have walked through the embers together, but I fear the inferno is to come when we start hunting down these Camarilla members who still attempt to undermine our city. It will not be easy, but it will be done. I ask you all, brothers and sisters alike, to join your new bishops at our bloodbath on the 25th of November. This ritae will be preformed by his esteemed excellency, Walter Pope. After the bloodbath, we shall discuss the matters that still plague us as a sect and how we will be wanting to go about handling them. No one member will carry a burden alone.

Until we meet at the next Esbat, may your feasting upon mortal pleasures go uninterrupted,
~Nathan Graves
Bishop of the Greater Pittsburgh Area

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