Blood Issues and Dead Hobos (Open)

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Blood Issues and Dead Hobos (Open)

Post by Kael on Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:56 am

I cannot be the only one who has been troubled with these recent random but seemingly planned deaths of homeless around Pittsburgh before our eyes. Now, I don't hold any personal affection for these souls, but what troubles me is the fact that there blood is not sufficient to satiate our appetites. I find myself not gaining full sustenance upon my nightly feedings.

Who has been looking into this?
What do we know?
Is it connected with any other occurrences?
How can we fix it?

These are questions I would like answers to as quick as possible. Any information will be gladly accepted. I feel all of the Dragon in our city should look into this matter especially given your ties to blood.

~Nathan Graves
Bishop of the Greater Pittsburgh Area

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