A Voicemail to Frank Kennendy (Closed)

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A Voicemail to Frank Kennendy (Closed)

Post by Kael on Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:03 am

November 21st, 4:39am

Nathan waits for Frank's voicemail to pick up "Frank, It's Nathan... We should speak before next Esbat. I have a proposal for you that I believe will interest you given our time together int he city and the missions we have undertook together. I wish to make you a knight or templar as it is called in my service with my recent appointment as Bishop of the Greater Pittsburgh Area. My current priest, Lorelai is my current Templar and both I and the other Bishop have spoken of two Templars each. You may still walk with your pack GMV if you accept this offer... I await your call about... Nathan ends the calls and sets the phone down looking at his map of Pittsburgh.

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