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Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:48 am

The boat slid up the beach with the skittering of broken coral and cracked shells.  The night fires on the beach were already surrounded by wild drumming and writhing bodies possessed by the ecstasies of religious fervor, and the dark wills of their masters.  The oarsmen dragged the vessel free of the waves before their well-dressed master stepped forth onto the dry sand above the foam.  A pair of shadowed figures were waiting to greet him.

(Portuguese) "The ancestors have favored your return Raphael.  I had foreseen your coming, but did not expect you for many more nights." said the foremost of the two waiting vampires, his eyes still fixed on the bodies dancing in the firelight.

"Salutations, Jericho priest of Caine and voice of the ancestors!  And you as well, Patrice houngan of the lost souls pack.  It has been too long since last we walked together in darkness."

"The return of a brother is always welcome," breathed a voice like the sigh of air from a opened tomb.  The plain-faced vampire gave a slight tip of his top hat in greeting, his ruffled shirt and loose capris snapping in a wind that seemed to touch only him, "but you return alone amongst the four we had seen off."

"I am saddened that the Poisoned Whisper pack is no more.  We were assaulted by the Ancients' pawns before we reached the coast.  Only I survived to my knowledge.  I have been in the sieged city called Pittsburgh.  There I have joined a mixed pack of Caine's other bastard children.  And that is why I have returned.  I require knowledge of the true enemy that I might bring them under my fangs."

For the briefest second a spark of interest shown in Jericho's eyes, "Then come and make your offering to the flames brother Raphael and we shall talk of the truths born of the ancestors' knowing"
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