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Letter to the Bishops Empty Letter to the Bishops

Post by FrankKennedy on Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:54 pm


I am occupied with pack business and will be unable to attend the next esbat. However, as you've both inquired for my counsel in the past I feel compelled to provide you with some now, unrequested as it may be.

1) Complete your bloodbaths and officially become holders of the office of Bishop. This step is an important one and should not be put off any longer.
2) Reach a decision on the offer from the cattle corporation. I advice against making hasty agreements with them. I cannot fathom a situation where they are what they claim to be (simple humans). Financially they are protected with dummy corporations and patsies, but I see no connection to any Camarilla fronts that I know of. Their claims of knowing the locations and identities of nearby Camarilla members and having a nigh limitless blood supply to offer us are unvalidated. Even if true, those are assets that we can take from them with proper planing and action. All of that information is over and above our primary goal, that of reclaiming the traitor Desantes. Only a deal where they turn over Desantes to us in exchange for nothing would be attractive to me, but your excellencies no doubt already see the wisdom in offering empty promises to cattle.
3) Consult the Archbishop and Priscus on the revelation that Desantes was working with these mortals and had worked out deals with them in the past.
4) Stop holding Esbat's at the Cathedral. Nothing good will come from whatever is on the roof of that building. I have a location if needed, others may be able to procure one as well if you request it of them.

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