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Amy Winehouse Was Right... Empty Amy Winehouse Was Right...

Post by A Pimp Called Rapha on Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:26 am

Fuck Rehab!

Emaciated(well more than normal for a vampire) and covered in a week of the stale crust of blood sweats Rapha climbed out of the caves for the first night in days.  Eyes glazed with the smoldering fury of the beast denied its bloody wrath and near exhaustion from lack of proper feeding.

Only the uncaring night heard his snarled ranting, "That bitch cost me more than a weeks territory!  When I find it I swear by Chango I'm going to stick her heart back in her fucking chest so she can watch me rip it out again!  And to be disrespected by cowards and fools, what more can the ancestors expect to burden me with in this cesspool!"

The beast satiated for the moment with the brief release he had enticed it with slipped into quiescence long enough for his iron disciple to push aside the baser impulses that threatened to draw his mind from the real business at hand.

A moments searching lead him to his cell left in a neat pile of folded clothes.  "Rose my dear I have need of you and your talents.  Yes.  Fine, just bring one of those stupid first years that are always staring at your ass.  No, you cannot...will not forget those."

Yes, there can be no forgetting the true prizes.  Such small things they were.  So many would find them of little value, but he knew the truth.  He had stolen the key to a power he could have only dreamed of making his own.  The arrogant bitch had all but shown him the way, so certain that he was no threat to her...but even the asp is not so deadly that it can survive the cobra's bite.
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