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Case study #725 Empty Case study #725

Post by Alexis Eve on Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:35 pm

Case study #725

The study of societal grooming and death is a very interesting thing. For example in some of my earlier studies over in Europe, most of the subjects saw it as a release and thus was more excepting on ones fate. Therefore the soul reflected a peaceful and quick release from it's mortal coil. Here in America, that is no where near the case, even with the so called religious.  

Hypothesis: Why are American's groomed differently in terms of death?

The subjects:
(#1): A middle age white male, typical American shape (somewhat heavy, no defining muscles), and typical "merican" ideas and intelligence. No military service, ex wife and two children who are living with the ex wife. Boarderline alcoholic, as it took us three day to quickly detox and get the "bar smell" off of him. Arousal in white, 20ish, large chested girls. Also in girls of this age "experimenting" as it is referred to here. Anger flairs at men experimenting, most other ethnic groups, anything not in English, and surprisingly showing him a football with him yelling that is a soccer ball...

(#2) A middle age white male, slightly trimmer American shape (probably at least goes running daily), average intelligence, but more open minded. No military service, no wife or kids, or partner. Pot smoker (casual), drinker (casual). Arousal in women in his age group or slightly younger. In women with a more average body shape and more so modestly dressed. Anger flairs at republicans, a Sarah Palin, West Boro Baptist Church, and government.

Normally one would grab a few more subjects for the experiment, but to keep suspicions lower we shall go in twos. Also with two at a time, it's easier to observe and control their natural environments for the sake of the experiment.

Procedure: We set up a "medical study" dealing with dreams and the effects on ad in the paper, with a burn phone number attached to it. Offered some money at the end of a week long study. My assistant and I have carefully picked our "personas" from two lab techs withing the University. Safely tucking away our human counterparts, we proceed with interviews and picking our two subjects. We meet up and proceed to induce sleep, to which we take them to my lab and proceed with tests under the guise of nightmares. When the experiment has run its coarse, we execute the dump plan.

Night 1: Execution of the plan went very smooth. Subject 1 was needing a heavier dose to put to sleep than Subject 2. Addiction may have something to do here, but regardless, so long as he isn't a Hindu cow coming to these tests, I could care less how much it takes to dope him up. First night was mild, my assistant suggested it as to not throw them overboard. He may be right as it could of put them into shock and that would ruined the rest of the weeks plans.

Subject 1 was "aroused" during the evenings gambit of "dreams". Clearly going to have to turn up the intensity for him.

Subject 2 reaction was mild with small peaks of squeamish or disgust to the "dreams". These are noted and will improve upon next night.

Night 2: Subjects wake from their sedation. Subject 2 is worried, he isn't sure if he's dreaming or awake. Very astute for someone drugged a fair bit. Subject 1 is reacting as one would expect. Sheep like and enjoying the high from the drugs. The dreams this evening were turned up a fair bit.

Subject 1 still getting jollies off of it.

Subject 2 is turning agitated.

Night 3: I'm enhancing the drug on Subject 2. He's starting to fight and become defiant. This is wonderful, I would of expected Subject 1 to have this reaction. Clearly we are seeing good differences. My assistant assured me that the soul spectrum is clearly more vibrant in 2 than 1. We may have to scare the life into 1 then.  These dreams are now goin to be fun for me, I'll try to stay professional for the sake of science.

Subject 1: Dreams (according to my assistant) may have been over the top, excited and aggressive responses, slowly getting to subject 2's level.

Subject 2: Now I'm seeing the American bravada I was expecting from 1. He's fighting for his life now. He realizes this is real and not a dream. The data my assistant got is delicious.

Night 4: It seems that this evenings dreams are put to a hold. One of my fellows is in need of a talk dealing with the city.

Edit: the talk angered me something fierce, subject 1 will be the recipient  of my anger this evening. It may look like my experiment is over. Subject 2 will earn a reprieve, his death will be quick. We will execute the dump plan and plant our human counterparts with the bodies and evidence.
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