Final Preparations (Backdated to 2/7/14)

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Final Preparations (Backdated to 2/7/14) Empty Final Preparations (Backdated to 2/7/14)

Post by Murphy on Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:17 pm

My mind is boiling over, something is about to give

Murphy sits, watching as the herds of people shamble out of the stadium. Black, gold, white, and blue specs jostle to and fro as they flow like sand through the doors.
His eyes drift slowly, in and out of focus, as he tracks the river of flesh. He focuses in on one spec, allowing its motions to carry his mind's eye. He forces himself to loose focus for a brief second, then scans to find the dot again.

After months of watching these events, listening to the static between the stations, he can feel it. The flow of the Universal Mind, the rhythm to the Song, both are revealed.

His time spent with Alexis, interpreting the astral effects of her 'research' has opened his perception into the deepest core of the soul. Now, each interview for possible research subjects is shorter; only a few seconds is needed for him to know if they are ready for what Alexis can do to them.

The crack in his mind has opened a little more, the Light of Truth piercing through just a little more.

He smiles. He picks a random dot, closes his eyes briefly.
Breathe, focus, listen. The Truth is there, just grab it.
He opens them again. There it is, right where he expected. He turns just before Alexis slips out of the shadow.
"You're late. I was expecting you 5 seconds ago. But, that isn't important now. It's time to get ready, tomorrow is Esbat. It seems we have work to do."

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